SpinVox: ‘Avin it large

‘Avin it large with SpinVox this evening.

I wonder if there is a Wikipedia entry for the phrase ‘Avin it large’. (There’s a vague reference here).

Got this in after my rather positive, hormone-flowing post about SpinVox earlier:

I wonder how good they are… I mean I have trouble with people getting my name wrong all the time (americans call me Don, it pisses me off), if I called you and said something like:

“Hi Ewan, It’s XXX XXXXX here, I just got the ad copy through for the poster and I think you might have spelled supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wrong, anyway, give me a call back on [loads of numbers read out quickly]”

I wonder what you’d get.

I wrote back to the reader and said, ‘Do it! Let’s try it!’

So the reader has called. It’s gone to voicemail. Their precise message was:

Hi Ewan, It’s XXXX XXXXXX here, I just got the ad copy through for the poster and I think you might have spelled supercalifragilisticexpialidocious incorrectly, anyway, give me a call back on 07XXXXXXXX thanks

(Blocked out the phone number)


We wait.

Stay with me.

This is live blogging.

40 seconds.

80 seconds.

120 seconds … BEEP BEEP! GET IN!

Here’s what I got back:

Hi Ewan it’s XXXX XXXXXX here. I just got the ad copy through for poster & I think you might have spell SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICASPIALIDOCIOUS incorrectly. Anyway, give me a call back on 07XXXXXXXX. Thanks.
– Powered by SpinVox.

The reader commented:

Impressive. I said Hi Ewan as Hiyun (although it should pick up your name from your registration) and I said my name quickly supercal… quickly and my number was really quick (and deliberately different from my callerid)

Despite an issue with the Mary Poppins word, I reckon that’s an A-Pass. Nice work SpinVox!

By Ewan

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6 replies on “SpinVox: ‘Avin it large”

I tried out their test thing where you call a number and it texts you back and was frankly amazed at how accurate it was.

This service would be great except that it doesn’t seem particularly cheap, and also people don’t leave me short messages, they tend to leave me long rambling messages on voicemail which would be far too long for a text message.

Looks like a fantastic service though

Isn’t Spinvox moderated by humans? Anytime the software voice recognition comes up with something it can’t get, the message is bumped to a human to edit the message – hence the delay in you getting your SMS.

For other spinvox fun, find someone who’s recently activated the service, call their voicemail and just throw in random words. Banana banana.

Ive recently started using spinvox too. The accuracy of the conversion really is precise and the service saves me so much time. The spinvox “speak a blog” is also very impressive.

Hi, they seem to have launched a few new services in the 3GSM week -don’t they all!

And their voicemail service does convert up to 3minute messages – I get loads of mates blathering on about stuff and it sends me 3 SMS of the message which is fine for me

All their new services appear to be free – long may it continue!!!

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