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T-errible T-Mobile UK experience

Martin Geddes over at Telepocalypse has been having a series of bad days with T-Mobile UK.

His experience is documented at his post, T-Stuck

First problem: they can’t provision T-Mobile Hotspot access at the same time as the rest of the account. You need to call back after you’re a customer. Wonder how many abandoned sales that leads to?

Followed quickly by post, T-rash

F*ck it. I’ll give my money to someone else and use my phone as a modem & drain my 3Gb data allowance instead.

If anyone at T-Mobile is reading, you know how to find me.

A commenter on the post weighed in with a rather insightful:

David Beckemeyer @ January 21, 2007 12:18 AM:
And the thing is, this isn’t just T-mobile. It’s become the accepted norm. It’s amazing that we put up with it, but the fact is people do. Why should these companies do bettter when we will happily repeat their tortured use of the word “free” day in and day out, and pay the ludicrous fees they charge barely a whimper. We give them no reason to improve. There are no consquences for their bad behavior, so why should they change.

Things get a bit better with Martin’s follow-up, T-riffick.

Deary me. I’m quite content with my service from T-Mobile. But they definitely need a blogger relations programme.

I’m willing to bet that the chaps at Three’s X-Series blog would be hot-to-trot if they caught anything like this on their blogradar about X-Series.

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