T-Mobile UK Club T-Zones, weighed, measured, found wanting

Helen is not impressed…

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I’ve signed up to the Club t-zones from T-mobile as run by Buongiorno and it’s a bit rubbish. A joined up out of curiosity (it’s free) in January and they were still touting Christmas ringtones. Either they’re very early for Christmas 2007 or no-one updated the club for new content after Christmas. A missed opportunity surely to reach those new handset owners and those trying wap and downloading content for the first time.

By Ewan

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Hi Helen – I’m part of the team that puts clubzone together – you’re right with your comment that the Christmas ringtones were promoted up until the first few days in Jan but this was only whlist we were producing the replacement offer for our music proposition (which has now been refreshed). If you would have checked before the new year you would have seen that the majority of the promotions were geared towards Christmas and that all bar music were replaced on or around Jan 2nd. I’d like to thank you for your feedbackwhich is always gratefully received.

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