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T-Mobile’s UK Nokia N95 at around £300ish

More in from my anonymous mobile phone industry chappy about the Nokia N95 reportedly on its way from T-Mobile.

A lot of people have been telling me that the handset would be available for purchase for about 500-600 quid, which, even to me, total geek, is a bit expensive for a consumer handset that you’d imagine both the networks and Nokia would like to be widely available.

So my contact tells me the handset will be in the region of £300 – £350. Whether you could conceivably get the handset at no cost if you took out a stonking £70/month contract (or the like) I don’t yet know.

I don’t even see it on the T-Mobile site yet.

Perhaps, though, they’re waiting for all the CES stuff to die down. And for people to get a bit more cash in their pockets after Christmas.

Or perhaps it’s actually a glint in the milkman’s eye? 😉

By Ewan

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4 replies on “T-Mobile’s UK Nokia N95 at around £300ish”

I’m sure this is telling you to how to suck eggs, but for other readers.

With the variety of monthly charges vs handset prices the only true picture is by looking at the cost over 12 or 18 months for what you need

If the handset cost really is ~ £600 is ~£33 pcm subsidy over 18 months
If they sell it for £300 but it costs £600 then that’s 300 up front + ~£17 pcm subsidy over 18 months..

It’s the same with all the other free gifts of xboxes, PSPs yet. If you wanted a PSP and xbox, + a cheap phone then some of those deals can make sense, but often you dont!

And the whole “free upgrade” thing is a laugh. If you phone your provider (at least say 3 or O2) they may well give you a credit for not taking a handset AND a monthly fee reduction. Last renewal with O2 I got a basic package (50 mins / 200 textx) for a net cost of £9 over the 12 month contract period..

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