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The iPod Phone? Hmmphf.

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Steve Jobs loves perfection, control and simplicity. The multi-function technology is too messy and premature at this juncture for an iPod/phone to pass the Jobs aesthetic and usability quality test. Maybe later this year. In less than 24 hours the mystery will be solved.

I’ve been hearing about an iPod Phone and… well… it’s not getting me out of bed every morning with excitement. I’m not going to be camping outside the Apple Store in Regent Street to get one.

An iPod Phone?


Well, ok. Usability issues? Too messy and premature?


Absolute rubbish. You can’t be hanging around when the might of Sony Ericsson (seen the new pics of the W880?), Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and every major mobile operator are gunning for your marketshare. Directly. There’s no bones about it. Sony Ericsson want you to dump your iPod in the trash. They’ve been postering London’s tube with countless adverts to this effect. They’re getting movement too with some impressive devices already released and a ton more coming.

So, whatever the news tomorrow from Apple, the issue still stands: Everyone and their dog wants a piece of the iPod marketplace in terms of multi functional mobile/music player. And whilst the attempts have been pathetic (just remember Orange’s SPV C550 music store. What a pile of shit), they are, thanks to countless reports, consultants, firings, hirings and a bit of original thinking, beginning to get it right. Look at Three and their X-Series. Look at every single Nokia on the planet having (weak?) music player facilities. Look at the fact that almost every new handset brought to market ALSO comes with a fancy good looking speaker kit.

We shall see!

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