Three UK thumbs up from Justin of BuddyPing

Justin is top dog at NinetyTen, the company behind the likes of BuddyPing. On his personal blog yesterday he waxed lyrical on Three. This is particularly exciting because Justin knows his stuff. He’s a total geek and a total mobile know-all. For him to be complimentary is excellent for Three. Says a lot.

Link: The phones of 2007 at Justin Davies

Three has made a bold move with the X-Series lineup. This is not so much a recommendation for a specific handset (of which there is one at the moment, the N73), but a look at the service and how disruptive it is to the mobile industry in the UK. None of the T-Mobile ‘you have to actively add the £7.50 to your bill”, it is all in one package as soon as you walk out of the door.
Three to me was an operator that was fading fast, but I think the marketing and PR around the X-Series is going to appeal to the most coveted demographic, the MySpace crowd.
They want texts some voice, and even though they don’t know it, they want the services offered by the X-Series. The clever marketing; promoting MSN, Yahoo, Mail and others is what will sell this package, along with a relatively sexy, and accesible phone.

By Ewan

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