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Verizon the next to increase text prices by 50%

First Sprint last year, now Verizon jumps on the bandwaggon….

Link: Verizon increases SMS rates — customers now free of their contracts – Engadget Mobile

The hike, which will take effect March 1st, will bump the cost of sending a text message to the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico from $0.10 to $0.15 per message, with the price for international text messages remaining at $0.25 per message. The cost of receiving a message from customers of foreign wireless carriers, however, will increase to $0.15 whether you subscribe to a messaging package or not.

Absolutely ridiculous. What justification can there be to increase the price of a standard rate text by 50%? Inflation? 😉

I’ll stop there. No need to get annoyed. Why? Because, alas, it seems no one cares. One would imagine that if petrol (or “gas”) prices increase 50%, folk would be outraged. Do the same with text? Nah. Not an issue.

Strange, I think it’s just me that’s incandescent on behalf of all Verizon subscribers.

By Ewan

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4 replies on “Verizon the next to increase text prices by 50%”

A text data packet actually costs much less to send than a voice packet.
When I actually found out about this, I called Verizon and TURNED OFF texting on 4 of my 5 (family plan) accounts. I will change providers in September (end of contract) due solely to this particular price increase.
That is the best I can do, hope others do the same!

You’re absolutely right, sending text across a network costs much less than sending voice. The 50% increase is just a way for them to cheat customers and make more money off of the popularity of text messages. Ridiculous.

Because of this price hike you can get out of the contract with verizon without the early termination fee.

Its spelled out in the contract that you can and because of that, if you are firm over the phone you win.

Google it, alot of people are using it as an excuse to leave.

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