When roaming, is your phone automatically provisioned for MMS?

Here’s a kicker of a question from Alfie about MMS provisioning whilst roaming.

I’m wondering when a person travels over an international border with roaming enabled, and they switch over to the partner operator, whether they then have the correct settings to send mms….

I’d say no, but a couple of people I’ve spoken to have said that they have been able to

I can’t quite remember. I’ve always just been able to send MMS using the existing network settings (or at least, what I thought were the existing ones) without having to change anything on my handset. Same with data. I wonder, I wonder. Does anyone have any perspective on this?

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Yep, Ive tried this to a moblogging site in most of Europe, US and Australia and it worked fine on all. Im on Vod but it should be the same with most other operators.

Thanks Richard, that’s pretty much what I was hoping 🙂 The only thing I’m left wondering is what handsets are smart enough to silently apply the new APN and other settings for MMS and GPRS to the relevant handset features.

it’s always worked for me. The key is, as Richard mentions, that the roaming partner supports GPRS.

on a slight tangent, I was having a chat to someone the other day and they suggested that some networks charged their users to receive SMS when they are roaming. I don’t get charged on Voda, and i’m pretty sure i didn’t when i was on Orange. Anyone know?


Ouch!! So [if vodafone charged me to receive sms when overseas] when vodafone send me their bloody spam texts (“oh but Mr Procter, page 357 of the user contract says that you give us permission too”) and I’m overseas they would charge me to receive them!!!!!!!!! wow, I cannot believe for a second that a network would get away with that one 😉


It’s worked for me and I’m on T-Mobile. And in fact, it didn’t cost me any more to send a MMS message from Europe as it would from the UK. T-Mobile’s MMS seems to be half the price of any other network and as a consequence, I use it marginally more than I would if it was 50p a pop.

Data charges on the other hand when roaming are something else 🙁

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