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Microsoft dribbles out Windows Mobile 6.0

Link: Windows Mobile 6 announced – Engadget

Microsoft’s finally ready to take the wraps off Windows Mobile 6, the long-awaited successor to Windows Mobile 5 (what else?) that’s been baking in the oven for a while now as “Crossbow.” The platform formerly known as Pocket PC Phone Edition has become Windows Mobile 6 “Professional,” while its more pocketable little brother, the Smartphone, has become “Standard” and plain ol’ Pocket PCs are “Classic.”

See Engadget for the feature list.

Nothing, alas, is turning me on about it. Not yet. I want Windows Mobile to properly perform to my expectations which, I think, are not too unreasonable. Just make it faster and more reliable in terms of speed, and I’ll be delighted, I really will.

I shall PROBABLY go and buy another Windows Mobile device to see what it’s like. This time I’m going to be a bit more careful though, after getting burnt with the MDA Pro.

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2 replies on “Microsoft dribbles out Windows Mobile 6.0”

I’m generally one of the biggest proponents of WM devices you will come accross, but I have to admit Microsoft really irk me sometimes.

From the time I swapped from palm to my first ‘Pocket PC’ device on the jornada 525 to my current Treo 750 there has been one constant, extremely annoying bug.

You can NEVER trust a WM / PPC device to be your alam clock.



The alarms fail – without failure.

I like new GUIs. I like HTML e-mail – but by god Microsoft if you have not fixed this BASIC feature I may be forced to get a crackberry…

Rant ends. Thank you for listening.

Oh – and regarding the MDA Pro.

XDA developers have some great new ROMs for the devices and the machine is now lighting fast and usable – You can turn the screen and it rotates instantly!

Sad that an enthusiast community has to provide support for such a ‘premium’ device

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