Nokia’s 15″ screen model spotted

Image350I took this one especially for Stefan over at — to be accurate, it’s not quite a handset. Well, you’d have to carry a rather long extension cable if you wanted to.

I think I’ve seen a Nokia television once before — I imagine they are to be found in Premier Travel Inn hotels all across the country.

Who knew Nokia made television sets? Not me. I think, if you regressed me, I might have remembered, but if that was a quiz question for the $100k prize, I’d have answered ‘Nahhhh. Nokia? TV sets? No way!’

By Ewan

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5 replies on “Nokia’s 15″ screen model spotted”

My folks used to have a Nokia telly quite a few years ago. Reliable thing, went on for years. Not as long as my old Sony Triniton tho, which even after 11 years is still going strong (although not with me anymore, it’s providing much entertainment in someone elses house).

Nokia used to make TV sets that were popular with rental companies – Martin Dawes, Granada etc. The one in the photo must be over ten years old. They also made computer monitors but got out of both businesses. I even have a Nokia freeview box and there was rumors of a Nokia TiVo like set top box running Linux.

I went on a business trip to Finland in 1999 and we stayed at a University Conference centre just outside Helsinki and there were Nokia tellies in each room. I’d never seen one before that. But I guess they have made a lot of Finnish consumer electronics in their time.

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