What am I missing?

I’m setting up these phones, right, for my colleagues and putting T-Mobile Pay As You Go sims in them just for the time being. (The concept — if they like the device, they might want to use their main sim card to run it, but meantime they can use the PAYG sim to check it ou).

I stuck £20 on each sim then was shocked to get a message from T-Mobile on the device saying:

You’ve topped up by £10 — you now have free evening and weekend texts to all UK mobiles from the UK for the next month.

You what?


Now I’m paying them over a hundred quid a month on contract for my main line and *I* don’t get free evening and weekend texts!

I dunno,… sometimes I think I’m missing something and should actually use PAYG.

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It’s like the vodafone payg offer where you spend (I think) £5 in a week and you get completely free calls to landlines and mobiles at weekend.
Why can’t I get that?

Crikey! That’s high value!

Over here, the real value is on capped plans. Check out or to see what I mean, if you don’t already know. There’s some good deals on prepaid here, but nothing outstanding. They all require you to have everyone you know on the same network. And sometimes have your home phone line through them as well.

I’d like to look at this from a different perspective.

This offer is all about changing the usage pattern of a PAYG user. This type of offer will lure a punter into utilising his phone MORE than the average PAYG user – and they will get used to it. Someone who may only send 1-2 texts a week is now sending 10+ on a weekend, plus a few more in the evenings. This will translate to an increased dependence on text (or voice) during peak hours as they have built up a routine AND an active contact list.

The result – T-Mob / Voda make more money as this usage shift ensures that a user spends more on their stupidly priced PEAK PAYG services.

As contract customers we are generally indescriminate about who or when we text / call. Most contract users will have a tariff that results in little out of bundle usage esp. in texts and voice. Inciting us to use 50% more texts when we have tonnes of texts included would be a poor marketing effort. For us contracties, we get more texts in a bundle – we dont need ‘free’ ones

ive tried this t-mobile thing but when i topd up £10 dey neva gev me any free texts.

i have just baught a t-mobile PAYG sim card and the website clearly says you get free evening and weekend texts. i havnt got them yet either. ill give them a ring and see what they say.

Hmm.. Well i dont know if I should try this or not because o2 is just a rip of if this offer works! Im afraid that if a top up £10 I wont get the texts.. But ill order a sim and try it and then get back to you..

omg yeah i topped up £15 i aint even recieved my free evening and week end texts can you belive that!!!!!!!

OMG!!! T-Mobile too good to be true..? The offers gone.. Ended without notice.. T-Mobile are such ********..!! Ill stick with O2.. its much better then any other natwork.

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