What’s the deal on 08000mumdad.co.uk?

Picture 21Has anyone heard much about 08000mumdad.co.uk?

I’ve had quite a few of emails from people recently wondering if it’s a genuine service.

Here’s an example of one email:

I wonder if you have come across a company called 08000mumdad.co.uk that
proports to deal with reverse charge calls from kids to their parents
mobile phones. My young daughter keeps receiving text messages from this
company which when accessed debit money from her pay as you go mobile.
She is adamant that she has not received any reverse charge calls via
this company and I strongly suspect that this is a scam. I contacted
Virgin (her provider) who told me to reply to the text with the word
stop and also they gave me an email address (xxx@spinvox.com). I have
sent countless emails with stop in the subject and in the message have
listed the affected mobile number, the shortcode and the service id.
It hasn’t worked. I think the only alternative is for her to change her
number. But still feel something must be done about this disgusting firm.

(I manually edited out the spinvox address for privacy.)

Surely this isn’t a spinvox service? If it is, it’s not very consistent with their brand and reputation. (I have, by the way, been phenomenally enjoying their voicemail conversion service).

It’s a little bit rude, don’t you think, to put ‘Disclaimer’, ‘Terms & Conditions’ and what not all at the bottom of the site and then, throw up a javascript box saying ‘er, we’re updating this document’ (words to that effect) when you click on it.

Have you heard anything about 08000mumdad?

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