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82ASK launches maps-to-mobile service with Multimap and 2ergo

82askThis is a piece of genius.

82ASK, the wickedly good get-an-answer-to-anything-by-text service, has extended the value of their service substantially. It was already excellent, but I can imagine, if you’re a bit lost or if you’re looking for a street or the like, a map would, actually, come in quite handy.

So, now you can do this!

Any questions that require a map related answer are sent a normal text message reply, along with a link to view a WAP page with the map on it. Woosh. Smart!

I’ve copied the whole press release for anyone interested in the techie bits…

Text and answer service provider, 82ASK, today announces a deal with Multimap, one of the world’s leading online mapping and location-based services providers, which will allow consumers to access tailored interactive maps on their mobile phones wherever they are in the UK. The service, powered by 2ergo, the global convergent communication specialist, will enable people to send a text to 82275 requesting a map of any location or landmark and receive a link to this delivered straight to their phone within minutes.

After requesting details for a particular location, users are sent an SMS within 5 minutes alongside their regular ‘answer’ with a link to a branded WAP page containing their map. This page will be delivered using the 2ergo platform, which plays an integral role in ensuring the timely and secure delivery of messages.

The mobile service provides people with a quick and easy way of accessing the maps they need from their handheld devices, without having to install additional applications or search WAP sites. Not only will the service be able to provide people with maps of where particular locations are, but it will also supply step-by-step directions using the text sent along with the link.

Sarah McVittie, CEO of 82ASK said, ‘The deal with Multimap allows us to significantly extend our product offering to the consumer. Not only can we provide the best quality answers to people’s questions while they are out and about, but we can also now show them the location of the places they want to find.

‘Whether you are looking for a pub or a café, a railway station or a school, all you have to do is text 82275 and we will be able to show you where it is. This all ties in with our belief that people should be able to access the information that they need from their mobile phone as easily as possible, eliminating all end-user requirements to ‘search”.

Jeff Kelisky, CEO of Multimap said, ‘This is a great opportunity for us to engage with 82ASK’s consumers in an immensely useful and compelling way. By sending them maps pinpointing the exact location of venues and facilities they have requested while they are on the move, via their handheld device, we provide a great value-add, at once helping them to research the options and get to their chosen destination quickly, as well as increasing footfall to businesses’ doors. It’s a win/win situation, and we are pleased to be working with 2ergo and 82ASK to deliver such a useful service to 82ASK’s highly-valued customers.”

David Burns, Head of Enterprise Solutions at 2ergo said, ‘Using our extensive and robust delivery platform, Multimap and 82ASK can be assured that these time-critical SMS are delivered exactly when and where they need to be. Location and map-based mobile applications are rapidly entering the mainstream, and 2ergo is delighted to be at the forefront of enabling this.”

The service will cost consumers 50p per map in addition to the regular £1 per question asked to 82ASK and works across all networks.

Have you 82ASK‘ed recently? Go on. Ask them how many gerbils would fit inside a Range Rover Sport.

I’m going to give this a go when I’m back from France.


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