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Analysts reckon Google might do a wifi handset….

I’m in two minds as to whether they should bother getting into hardware…

Link: Any Google Wireless Handset Might Be Of The Wi-Fi Variety

Analysts ponder how search leader Google GOOG might make a play for the mobile market as rumors swirl that the company will make a phone or similar handheld device.

Much speculation centers on the company making a cell phone and even selling its own service plan. But many others expect Google will stake its claim in telecom with a Wi-Fi phone that transmits calls over the Internet rather than over cellular networks. Google didn’t return calls seeking comment.

“A Wi-Fi phone makes more sense to me,” said analyst Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates. “I could see them put out a phone with VoIP (Internet calling) and a good Web browser, then make money through search-based ads like they do now on desktops.”

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One reply on “Analysts reckon Google might do a wifi handset….”

I have given up trying to follow what Google are doing about a phone. First they say they are, then they say that they are not, but might be, but probably wont when they will…. etc 🙂

Will just wait and see what they do. I think they will have a hard time jumping into the mobile market regardless of their name. 🙂


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