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Blyth Valley Housing uses SMS to communicate with tenants

Ah I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. Get IN! This is one of the first uses I thought of for the medium of text. I thought it was a perfect application of the technology. Have a read…

Link: Blyth Valley Housing uses SMS to communicate with tenants :: :: e-Government & public sector IT news + job vacancies:

Blyth Valley Housing Limited is getting good results with inbound and outbound SMS text message services to help staff and tenants communicate more effectively.

Blyth Valley Housing Ltd. was set up by Blyth Valley Borough Council to manage the Council’s housing and provide excellent housing services. Blyth Valley Borough Council still owns the housing stock within the Borough and the tenants are still tenants of the Council.

Blyth Valley Housing was experiencing a high number of missed appointments where tenants failed to be available for visits by engineers and maintenance staff. This affected service and repair scheduling which was costing the organisation in terms of both resource and money.

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