Comic Relief launches mobile blog powered by

Picture 8The geniuses over at have pulled another triumph out of the hat with the news that they’re powering the Comic Relief mobile blog. It’ll be exciting to see how the audience uses the facility.

Picture messaging is really very much second nature to a lot of people so I reckon a high profile event such as this could generate a lot of traffic.

Here, for example, is the Red Nose in the bath 😉

Link: Netimperative – Comic Relief embarks on mobile blog campaign

moblogUK technology have teamed up with Comic Relief to promote Red Nose Day, with a mobile blog open to all in the UK.

The Red Nose Day moblog lets users snap a picture of themselves wearing their nose and instantly post it to the site by sending it to 60300 with the keyword “rednose.”
The site makes use of cross-network compatible MMS short-codes and there is no cost to the sender above the charge that their network operator charges to send MMS, ordinarily around 30p

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