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ITV: Premium back online with Dancing on Ice

Michael Grade promises ITV shake-up-Business-Industry Sectors-Media-TimesOnline

Mr Grade said today phone-in voting will be restored for Saturday’s hit show Dancing on Ice, and that the company remains fully committed to using premium rate services. ITV called in Deloitte, the accountancy firm, to conduct an independent audit of ITV’s premium rate phone services.

Mr Grade said: “There are concerns about it and there have been mistakes across a number of broadcasters.” He added: “We are sure that everything we have on air is compliant but we decided to do a full health check.”

It’s all a little bit too drastic for me. If you’re sure, then just have a look. Don’t take the whole thing down, thus gaining a ton of consumer attention…

By Ewan

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One reply on “ITV: Premium back online with Dancing on Ice”

Found an interesting comment on Keith McMahon’s excellent TeleBusillis blog:

“The moralist in me thinks that TV Call Ins are just another way of milking money from people who can ill afford it.
“The free marketeer thinks that it is personal choice.
“The cynic in me thinks ITV will have been up to some really shady practices in the past to take this extreme step.”

(His blog is well worth a read, imho.)

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