Mojungle: 2 more licenses available if you hurry

Remember that absolutely wicked mobile-to-web service, Mojungle? (Have a look at the various things I’ve written about Mojungle in the past.)

Well, remember they put themselves on eBay? I know there was quite substantial interest in the marketplace to acquire either the company, the software or a bit of both. Well, they’ve finalised a big deal with Ohio-based Peak Performance Solutions — who are buying Mojungle in it’s entirety. Peak, I’m told (by Ari, Mojungle founder) plan to continue to operate Mojungle (excellent news) and enhance it by integrating the technology into their insurance and risk management software.

You can see where Peak are going with that. Very smart.

However, there were 4 additional technology licenses available. Two of them are under ‘no sell’ periods at the moment, but there’s another 2 spare.

So, if you’re interested — if you’d like to talk about possibilities, now is the time. Whack an email over to mojungle (at) gmail (dot) com.

You can read the official release from Peak about the deal here.

Oh, and the purchase price? Ari says:

In regards to the purchase price, we will not be disclosing the amount, but are very pleased with the result.

Nice one — congratulations!

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