o2 chumps, attention: Get unlimited data for £10/month

So you’re an o2 user, right? You’re paying 4 quid a meg for data, right? And you’re a chump for doing so? Yes?

Well, here’s a fix that saves you having to swap. It comes to us care of SMS Text News reader Alan who contributed a comment to this post about o2’s upcoming data strategy.

I’ve copied the comment here:

When I cancelled my O2 account (to switch to Three’s x-series) I was offered ‘unlimited” data for a tenner a month as long as I had a tariff of £30 a month or more. It was put to me as though it’s a standard deal, but obviously it’s just a retensions thing as it’s never appeared on their website.

That’s a bit rude isn’t it? 😉

You phone up to cancel and then they say, ‘well, er, hold on… you know we were screwing you for 4 quid a meg? Right. Well, look, we still want your business, and since you’ve woken up, smelt the coffee, we’ll do you a deal..’

So if you’re paying shitloads to o2 for data, gonna do me a favour? Just, please, help reduce my generate stress levels by phoning up o2 and sorting yourself out with an unlimited data addition. OR terminate your contract and get hold of a Three or T-Mobile contract.

No guarantees that you’ll get the same treatment as Alan, but worth giving it a go.

Breath deeply……..

Now phone’em!

By Ewan

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3 replies on “o2 chumps, attention: Get unlimited data for £10/month”

Thanks for pointing this out 🙂

My contract had run out so I phoned O2 and INSISTED on being put through to “retentions” I then played hell about my data charges and said I’d leave then and there if they did not give me unlimited data plan for free(OK aim high!!) They did a deal with me

I got £100 quid cashback plus 20MB data a month free (I’m on a £30 contract) I had to extend my contract 12 months not too bad, sorted 🙂 thanks again Owen

When I tried it with CPW O2 a few months ago, they couldn’t do anything for me data wise. But they did offer to credit my account with 12 months line rental in advance is I changed to an off peak tarrif.

So I signed up with t-mobile and use the O2 phone at weekends

O2 have done this for a while haven’t they? It’s slightly odd though as the shop staff don’t seem to know about it and it’s hidden away on various parts of the site

The blackberry version is at

with the release of the iphone unlimited tariff O2 will probably launch this ‘publically’ across the board soon.

About time too, as you say their data rates are an absolute JOKE

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