Obsessing over Jaiku

I’ve been obsessing over Jaiku. I’m loving the concept. Still a bit mystified by a few elements of it, but I’m figuring it out.

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5 replies on “Obsessing over Jaiku”

i don’t get it!
what this application does is create work for you – continous updates of what you’re doing, where and with whom.
and all this for what?

Hehehe I’d put this on my new E65 when it arrives on Monday, but the results would be kind of boring.

All day: At work, in the shop.

All night: Err.. probably best I don’t tell anyone where I’m spending my nights.

nir: one of the ideas with Jaiku is that the trivial updates are automatic. The phone knows where you are (‘at work’), what’s on your calendar (‘Meeting in 10 minutes’), when you use the phone (‘Woke up’) and who’s with you (‘With Alice’), so you don’t have to say those yourself (of course you don’t have to use the automatic bits). That leaves only the meaningful updates to you (‘Love you, Alice’, ‘The movie sucked’).

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