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Orange pulls out of sponsoring Big Brother UK

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Mobile phone network Orange has ruled itself out of the running to become the next sponsor of Channel 4’s ‘Big Brother’ after consulting with its 12,000 UK employees over the potential deal.

The firm was in the frame to become the sponsor of the programme, replacing Carphone Warehouse, which ditched its £3m sponsorship package earlier this month.

I wonder who’s going to end up with the sponsorship?

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2 replies on “Orange pulls out of sponsoring Big Brother UK”

they asked all their 12000 employees!!?? quite extrordinary. why on earth would a company the size of orange ask all it’s 12000 employees if they minded it sponsoring a tv programme. interestingly a fair and open thing for an employer to do, but still very bizarre.

hey, hope they didn’t use text voting to ask them. “text MONEY DOWN PAN or BIGGER CHRISTMAS BONUS to 60300. all calls cost £1.50. some votes may be lost. we reserve the right to ignore the results.”



Hmmm, 12,000 employees, I don’t think so – not after the recent rounds of redundancies!!! (Yup, I’m one of the one’s ditched after 8 years excellent service, along with many of my colleagues).
Still, nice to know the company has a bit of a conscience.

Sorry to be anon, but someone may read this from the company!!

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