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Who is gonna buy Palm?

Link: Unstrung – Mobile Applications – Palm Deal in the Final Stretch – Wireless News Analysis

A Palm Inc. buyout could be finalized by Thursday this week, demanding $20 or more per share, according to sources close to the situation. Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK – message board) is seen as the leading vendor bidder; while Palm’s management is said to prefer a private equity buyer.

Not me. I’m out. I formally declare myself out of the Palm acquisition queue.

I never liked’em — I mean, I never reeeeeeelly got on very well with Palm devices. I always prefered Windows or Blackberry — or, now, Nokia. Still, there’s life in the old dog yet, right?

By Ewan

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3 replies on “Who is gonna buy Palm?”

Yeah, you’re only a youngster — you’ll see lots of acquisistions yet!

Oh, you meant Palm?

I’ll pay them £23 for their entire warehouse stock and another £15 for the document that licences WM5 to be used on the treo750.

Then I’ll invite everyone in the mobile industry to the biggest bonfire party you’ve ever seen.


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