Nokia N95 iSync plugins available direct from Nokia

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It used to be that you had to wait a wee while before Apple updated their operating system with the latest Nokia drivers. You could always buy some plugins — I’ve done that a few times and they’ve always worked perfectly fine.

Orrrrrrrrrr you could get ’em from Nokia.

Well. You couldn’t. Never. Nah. Nokia never seemed to acknowledge the rather sizeable Apple market who ALSO use new Nokia handsets.

Now they do. Jay dropped me a note almost simultaneously as I was accessing the Nokia iSync plugin site, to this effect.

Stumbled upon this earlier, looks like Nokia are making
their own iSync plugins now.. it includes the N95 🙂

Thanks Jay! That’s where I got my N95 plugin. Just wicked. Everything is synching just perfectly between my various Apples and my brand spanking new Nokia N95.

The site for downloading Nokia’s iSync Apple drivers:

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7 replies on “Nokia N95 iSync plugins available direct from Nokia”

Hello stranger!

Have you had any problems with the sync software yet? I can’t believe that this has been sorted by Nokia.

I will be in touch soon about my little project. I have been a busy boy 😉

When i try to sync my Nokia N95 with my Powerbook G4, i have problems! When I want to config (going through several steps) a new devise I am not able choose addressbook and contacts.

Can anyone help me??
Is it anything wrong with my phone?


I followed the link to Nokia’s iSync software. Clicking on the N95’s download button in Firefox downloads nothing – Firefox says “read”. Download worked using Safari.

i downloaded from nokia seems like a 1v1 version
but when installing it says my isync is not new enough
my isync is 2.4 and OS update does not show a new version?

what version are u guys using?

I managed to sync my contacts, however the contact picture in Address Book was synced only for one contact. How can I sync the pictures?

hi ,
i was able to download the isync software from nokia for my brandnew n95 8gb . now my macbook recognizes it but says : this item is not supported by isync . can anybody help ?! thanks , hansa

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