Orange Unlimited Data? Got it yet?

Has anyone managed to grab an Orange Unlimited Data tariff yet? I popped into the Orange store yesterday but the sales assistants were really busy selling annoying Motorola KRZRs to loads of people. They were doing a roaring trade.

Maybe I’ll try the Orange shop in Hartlepool… if I can find it…

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A friend who’s been negotiating switching Orange contracts said that late last week he repeatedly questioned sales staff and finally the retentions department and NOBODY knew anything about the deals mentioned in the Times article.

I suspect that either the story was published earlier than expected or the journalist was being told lies.

Very disappointing.

Apparently it’s available from 1st June.. and it’s not quite ‘unlimited’ data, more like ‘unlimited’ browsing. Unlimited, of course, having undergone a makeover at some point in the past few years, and now meaning ‘with limit’ instead of it’s previous definition that we all came to know (and love) of ‘without limit’.

I have tried phoning CS a couple of times since The Times’ announcement about the data plans. The CS rep today was extremely helpful and had a look through his computer over lunchtime today and phoned me back. He knew nothing about Orangeworld anytime / unlimited and had no record of any new data packages. The only thing he could find was reference to an unlimited data package for £8 that is available Mid-July (I think he said 17th onwards, but don’t quote me on that)…however it is only listed as being available to business customers (not personal ones).

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