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Recommend a good premium SMS supplier for EU and USA

I had a note in from a reader looking for a recommendation for a premium SMS supplier for EU and USA. My mind has gone blank. Can you recommend anyone — or can you help? If so, please post a reply here (he’ll be reading) or send me a mail and I’ll connect you.

By Ewan

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12 replies on “Recommend a good premium SMS supplier for EU and USA”

I’d definitely say mBlox or MX Telecom for USA…..

…and of course my company 😉 for our EU package covering 12 countries.

None of these are cheap and there is a lot of paperwork involved. However if your reader is after a “revenue share” ringtone delivery system rather than a true aggregation service with maximum payouts then I’d suggest googling for the numerous players in that end of the market.


conVISUAL has been in the SMS to TV space for over 5 years in Germany and we recently opened our US office in Chicago. We have the most complex “video jukebox” for mTV in Germany and have done both SMS and MMS interactivity on the major TV shows such as “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”, “Big Brother”, “Pop Idol”, and “live 8”. We have applications that range from the simple voting and polling, text to screen, and sweepstakes. We have engines that do cross and upsell, random drawing selection, estimation, and reverse auction. Our business models include revenue share, sponsorship, and blends of both. If you are interested in our services, please call me, Jim Boyer at 630-799-8332 or drop me an email:

Just another bit of information regarding conVISUAL. We already have provisioned shortcodes for premium SMS applications for polling and voting, text to screen, and sweepstakes. We also have relationships with some major TV broadcast stations, as well as cable networks throughout the US. We have the availability of 1 shortcode that can be used throughout spanish-speaking Latin America and the US for campaigns and TV applications.


Dear Sirs,

First of all I would like to introduce my self. My name is Marta Herrero, I’m Business Dev. Manager of e-commfactory, an SMS platform in Spain, we will like to enter European markets with Premium services. We thought about getting conations from you in the following countries:


I would very much appreciate if you could give us prices and schedule ASAP.

Thank you very much for your help

Kind regards

Marta Herrero
0034 902 933 030

We need a Non Premium Virtual Mobile Number in USA.

This is for a 2 way SMS application (custom solutions). Please guide us to a provider of NON PREMIUM (or regular) virtual mobile number providers.

Hi Natesh,

Unfortunately and unless something has changed recently these are not available in the US. The carriers require all commercial SMS services to use a shortcode, although these needn’t be premium codes. You can get a non vanity code for I think $500/month from the CSCA (common short code administration) in the US, and then you need an aggregator to host it for you. Alternatively several of the above mentioned companies offers options for sharing codes which may well be your best bet initially!

Good luck 🙂

I recommend txtNation. We have been using them for years now and they seem to attract the bigger partners. I cannot think of a more easy to talk with company in this space – and rust me we have been though a few! I think their mBILL product is good – or

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