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UK SMS TV Pioneer Seeks US Partnership

If you’re an SMS aggregator or similar in North America and you don’t have much in the way of TV related services — or want to draw upon the experience of a UK company who’ve been dealing with the text-mad UK public, read on. Siren are on the hunt for partners. And they’ve got a ton of case studies and services that will, I reckon, get clients in North America salivating.

Link: UK SMS TV Pioneer Seeks US Partnership

Chris Pressley, Siren’s CEO, comments: “The SMS TV games market is highly competitive, but one which we now lead in the UK. Our success can be put down to a combination of the quality of our on screen graphics, the level of game play and viewer experience and the investment in the technology platforms that underpin the service.” Chris added, “The announcement today reflects our desire to hear from interested US companies who might be willing to represent our platform in this exciting and fast growing market.”

Siren do a ton of work in the UK and, well, they’re on the hunt for partners in North America.

If you reckon that might be you, pick up the phone and call up Oli Madgett on +44 845 225 2800. Tell him I said to give him a call. He’ll introduce you to Chris or Andrew for further discussions.

The last time I talked to Oli, it was to phone him up and demand to know where he was for our 1pm meeting. Heh.

He was a little bit shocked to get such a call because I’d called the wrong Oli in my phone book. What a nutter I am. He’s a good chap so give him a call.

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