Amercian Library Assoc. uses CellTrust’s gateway to deliver weather updates to event delegates

Link: American Library Association Adopts CellTrust Mobile Messaging for SMS-Based Emergency Notification: More Than 2,500 ALA Conference Attendees Subscribe to Severe
Weather SMS Alert Service

According to American Library Association Manager for Membership Development John Chrastka, “After Hurricane Katrina it was critical for the ALA to be able to relay weather alerts to its annual conference attendees in a timely and cost effective manner. With more than 2,500 attendees signing up for the opt-in text message service, it was considered a huge success and a service we will continue to offer at future ALA conferences and events.”

I think this is a phenomenally good use of the medium. Really good. Nice work, CellTrust.

So good, in fact, we’ve been offering conference text services via one of my companies, Eventscope, for a good two years now. It’s fantastically useful for conference and event managers to be able to contact each delegate immediately via text.

It doesn’t just have to be severe weather — it can be anything from ‘please check in at 930am’ to ‘the dinner is now being held in the east hall’. Anything that saves you from walking around a huge conference complex like an arse wondering where to go, is good news in my book.

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