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Blackberry squashed in Europe too?

Link: RIM’s outage spreads to Europe and mid-East

Poor old RIM, when it rains it pours. After a ‘non critical’ upgrade a couple of weeks back that left millions of Crackberry users in North America without email service for a few days, the same thing seems to have happened in Europe and the Middle East, according to IT tech news site The Inquirer.

An INQ reader working in a small City bank claims his five users have been without service since Friday 27th April. Complaining to his local service provider, O2, he was told that RIM had performed a ‘cosmetic’ upgrade to its system over the weekend. The outage appears to be affecting only those who connect directly to their own Microsoft Exchange server and not those who employ RIM’s own BES server solution.

The INQ has seen an email from RIM confirming that the ‘high severity outage’ has indeed taken place. Although the email says the problem is confined to Europe, the reader’s sister company in Dubai has also been affected.

Oopsy. Another good reason (no pun intended!) to dump your Crackberry and use Good Mobile Messaging instead?

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