Devon village gets phone podium

Link: The Sun Online – News: The only signal in the village

We’ve probably all done silly things in our time to improve reception during a mobile call – sticking my head out the window springs to mind for me. However, I think this one takes the biscuit ever so slightly!

LOCALS have been queuing to use a bench on their village green . . . because it is the only place they can make a mobile phone call.

Residents discovered that by standing on the seat they can get a signal. Now the parish council in East Prawle, Devon, is building a 2ft podium for them to use.

The nearest Orange cell is apparently two miles away, so why not just put in a microcell? According to Parish Councillor Julian Brazil: ‘You don’t get a mobile telephone signal in East Prawle and people don’t want a phone mast. People have been complaining the bench is getting broken so it has been decided to get a mounting block.’

So there you go. Another wonderful example of good old English eccentricity 🙂

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god bless the eccentric English…don’t you just luv us!!! Where would the world be without beautiful English villages with funny country folk doing very odd things. Bring on more non city-based mobile stories…


PS does anyone have a farmyard or countryside ringtone…maybe you guys at Truphone can record one for us all to download…

How about (puts on best country accent) “get orf moi land!”? Or “I’ve Got a Brand New Combine Harvester” by The Wurzels?

I’ll get my (Barber) coat.. 😉

Benchism.Org.UK, the official organisation for international bench fans, would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Chivelstone Parish council, and District Councillor Julian Brazil (Lib Dem) for their efforts to prevent further abuse of ‘the bench’ in East Pawle, Devon, England.

Our membership were dismayed at reports of bench abuse coming from Devon, and were on the verge of sending a deputation to negotiate a reprieve for the bench and offer solutions when this good news hit the wire. And, as such, we are more than happy to stand down in the light of the parish initiative.

Well done the people of East Pawle, and remember; ‘Ask not what your bench can do for you – ask what you can do for your bench!’


Ben Chism

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