It’s all about that reassuring ‘clunk’..

Me (Alex) and Ewan (Ewan) were sitting in the pub last night, as you do, having a catch-up and a few beers. Or rather, I was having a beer and Ewan was demonstrating his insatiable appetite for orange juice and lemonade.

We’d had our mobile handsets out on the table for a while, showing each other some really cool apps, when I noticed I hadn’t had a play with his new Nokia N95. We’d both got our E61’s with us, and I had my N80 as well just for the purposes of taking photos.

Putting the N80 and N95 side by side, it was spooky. They’re almost the same size, and at first glance look virtually identical. The buttons are slightly different on the N95 whilst closed, but the main physical difference – it ‘clunks’ better.

If you’ve got access to an N80 and an N95, try it yourself. Open the N80, close it again. Then open the N95, and close it again. The N80 feels heavy, clunky and oversized when opening it compared to the N95 – which feels quite light and almost paper thin.

It could have been the beer, and the fact it was late, but I think we might be on to something here. So, next time you go looking for a phone, check out how it slides and glides. It could make all the difference.

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