Keeping tabs on Windows Mobile users

Link: Mobile Spy ups mobile snooping powers | The Register

Retina-X Studios have released an interesting application for Windows Mobile devices, allowing you to eavesdrop on texts and calls made by the handset user.

Mobile Spy, a new application from Retina-X Studios, monitors calls and text messages and reports them back to a central server. When installed on a Windows Mobile device, Mobile Spy allows parents to keep watch on their child’s phone, or enables employers to enforce an acceptable use policy on their staff – though the legality of doing so will depend where in the world you are.

Not quite sure I’d like an employer snooping on my texts and calls – then again with so many companies now actively monitoring Internet usage it’s only a matter of time before Big Brother starts sniffing through your mobile usage.

I haven’t got a Windows Mobile handy to test it on, so if anyone fancies giving it a go let me know! Their site is here.


  • Joseph

    Hi Alex. I checked this software but it is paid. I surfed internet and found another app named as Zealspy which is free. Hope it will work to trap.

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