Maggie gets 75meg/month data tariff for 10/month – on o2!

Just got this in from SMS Text News reader, Maggie:

Just got 75MB data from o2 for £10 a month, with minimal voice, an 18 month deal. Not sure how interesting this is, but..

Very interesting indeed Maggie! Thanks for taking the time to write.

If you’re on o2 and up for renewal shortly, it might be worth asking o2 for the above plan. When they say ‘oh we don’t do that’, don’t take no for an answer.

A tenner for 75mb is better than nothing. Better than paying 3 quid a meg anyway…

By Ewan

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3 replies on “Maggie gets 75meg/month data tariff for 10/month – on o2!”

This is not interesting and people upgrading should NOT go for it. When I rang o2 they said they won’t be bringing out an “unlimited” data tarriff because they don’t believe there is any demand. People signing up to this fudge will only reinforce such notions. I will be leaving them as soon as I can. I want what the market is offering not what o2 think the market will settle for.

This might be interesting for the wrong reasons (read o2’s inability to read the market). When I spoke to o2 they explained they had no plans to launch an “unlimited” data tariff as they don’t believe there is demand. If people accept their sorry answer for unlimited (less than a tenth of T-Mob’s offering for 33% more) then they will only reinforce o2’s misguided view. I most certainly will be leaving o2 as soon as I can as I want what the market is offering not what o2 is trying to pass off.

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