Samsung SGH-E700… now with Android?

Imagine my sudden, unexpected excitement when I...

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Just don’t mention the V word..

Link: Network Operators Trying to Restrict Hyperlinks to their Websites

Here’s an interesting story, courtesy of Cellular News.

The “blogosphere” has been buzzing about a legal statement on the Cingular website which restricts how people are allowed to create a weblink from their website to the Cingular website. As we have bookmarked the press pages of practically every cellular operator who have an English press service – we sat down and took a random selection to see what their websites said about people linking to them.

Interesting. This sort of thing has potential to directly affect blogs such as this one, as we’re forever linking off-site as part of the postings. A quick glance through the article reveals that there are no issues with linking to any of the UK operator sites, apart from Vodafone – who say:

1.6 You may establish a link or “deep link” to the Site from your site, provided that you have obtained Vodafone’s prior written consent and that in Vodafone’s sole discretion, the context is relevant and the link or its description is not detrimental to Vodafone.

So from now on, we’ll be referring to them as V**f***, and putting little a asterisk next to their name pointing to the small print at the bottom of the page, which’ll say:

We can’t link to this, but guess the operator. The first four letters rhyme with Yoda, the next four is a misspelling of ‘phone’. Work out the correct website, then enter the following URL after the first slash.

It’s either that, or we’re going to only say nice things about Vodafone – which, to be honest, we can’t guarantee. In our quest to be fair, balanced, and on the odd occasion rather scathing, it can’t always be good. Otherwise this site would turn into the equivalent of a Communist country’s state TV channel.

However.. if anyone from Vodafone wants to get in touch and give us permission to carry on how we were, merrily plugging their new products and services and directing traffic (and potential new customers) to their site, please get in touch. The address is [edited due to our new terms and conditions not allowing us to link to our own site]

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