Nokia to offer ‘classic’ handset

Link: Nokia Launches “Classic” Handset

The Nokia 3109 classic is a well-balanced package for consumers and companies who appreciate simplicity and value for money. Functional for office use, the Nokia 3109 classic includes email with attachments, and synchronizes calendars and to-do lists with personal computers through its USB connection. The memory of the Nokia 3109 classic is also expandable to 2GB with a microSD memory card.

It seems to be such great value for money that Nokia haven’t got any spare cash for a photographer – a quick scan of other news sources and even the related Nokia press release brings up nothing. So until they decide to let the world see the delights of their new handset, we’ll all just have to believe them that it really exists 🙂

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The Boy Genius Report has a pic, but I also noticed there weren’t any associated with the official press release.

Most are being against this handset, but it’s only meant to replace the 6030, which replaced the 3100/3595 combo for pure entry-level function-only handsets.

I think it’s great. Bluetooth and a Micro-SD slot and not much else. Serves a definite niche, just like the iPod shuffle does. And it’ll likely be free on a contract even here in the states.

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