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Orange can’t do new unlimited tariff, apparently

Link: Orange Value Promise not as much value as promised | The Register

Having spent the past few weeks merrily redefining the the word ‘unlimited’ even more so than it’d been screwed previously by their competitors and the broadband sector, Orange have apparently set their sights on price matching.

Back in the day, price match meant just that – retailer B would match retailer’s A’s price – and sometimes even beat it, whilst nodding with gritted teeth as the poor sales bloke waves goodbye to a large chunk of his commission. However, Orange don’t seem to get that. Cue a run-in with the Advertising Standards Agency and Trading Standards..

Orange UK is falling short of its promise that it can match the tariff from any other network, right down to the way it’s charged, for business customers.

When one customer asked Orange for an unlimited data tariff matched to a competitor they were told: “We do offer Orange Value Promise but we do not match ALL deals especially promotional deals with ALL networks. We only select a few in which we match.”

This comes despite the commitment outlined on its website. Promising to match some of the competitors’ less competitive tariffs, at your discretion, is hardly compelling.

Right, I think I get this. If Orange feel that a competitors tariff is close enough in cost and description to their own, they can match it. That’s very generous, pat on the back to the marketing bods at Orange who came up with that wheeze.

Think it couldn’t get any worse? Check this, from the same article.

Orange has been in touch to make it clear that their billing system isn’t capable of supporting a tariff like Web ‘n Walk; it’s just too complicated. Therefore they have no obligation to offer it; according to clause 2.10 of their terms and conditions, despite what they promised.

This is particularly odd given the recent launch of their own unmetered tariff for consumers.

I’m.. well.. lost for words. So the great citrus have just launched a tariff, that apparently offers ‘unlimited’ web browsing, but their billing system can’t support it – and even if it could, they’re under no obligation to offer it anyway.

You just couldn’t make this stuff up.. If anyone from Orange fancies getting in touch and clarifying this little mess, I’d love to hear from you.

One reply on “Orange can’t do new unlimited tariff, apparently”

What Orange mean is they can’t support a tarriff like Flext, where you have inclusive value as it’s geared up to match x minutes, x sms etc… They can easily set it to bill £x/month then 0p for all the GPRS CDRs, but they just don’t (yet) 😉

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