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SMS is dead – Twitter proves it

Link: SMS is dead – Twitter proves it | Roland Tanglao’s Weblog

SMS sucks and twitter proves it. When a well funded startup like Twitter which is full of smart people can’t get SMS to scale, then something is wrong. And the something that is wrong is wait for it …. the carriers. The carriers control SMS which is why it sucks. If SMS were NEA it wouldn’t suck but it is not so good-bye and good riddance.

Oh dear me. So based on that argument, the reason I’ve never got the hang of skiing is all the fault of the ski resort, the holiday company, the instructer, the snow itself, and everyone apart from me damnit. I mean, I’m clever – my mum used to tell me that as a kid (and still does on the odd occasion).

I particularly like the thought that ‘SMS sucks because the carriers control it’. Er dude, have you ever wondered how mobile data works – maybe pixie magic? And what does Twitter use? For the love of..

(Thanks Stefan for the tip!)

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This just proves the Americans have no idea how to build scalable SMS applications, maybe the should talk to the Europeans!

Actually I think it might be Pixie Magic. Certainly there’s something fantasy-esque about the carriers pricing policies on data.

hey @stefano, love to debate this with you in person sometime, in the long run 5-10 years i am right.

I am absolutely wrong in the short term (as I think you are all pointing out) and there’s plenty of money to be made in SMS for the next 5-10 years.



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