Vodafone mobile TV redefines mass audience as 15

BBC NEWS | Technology | Mobile TV predicted to be a hit

Being rather sad, I was thumbing through the BBC News website over the weekend on my mobile whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea and breakfast in bed. This story caught my eye, and I meant to blog about it – but forgot til I was talking to someone about mobile TV earlier.

Tucked away towards the bottom of the article was this wonderful statement:

For example Vodafone’s service in the UK is delivered via 3G which has a maximum capacity of around 15 users per 2km radius.

Come again? Yep, it says around 15 users per 2km radius. Wow, that’s so impressive. There’s more people with Sky dishes in my road than that – which is saying something as it’s a small cul-de-sac with only about 20 houses.

Wonder what that conversation sounded like at the Vodafone product development meeting..

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Either E///’s RBS sucks big style, or they’ve got confused with HSDPA where there are 16 Channelisation Codes, of which 15 can be used for HSDPA & 1 left for R99 traffic. Videocalls work well with 64k, so you should be able to get a fair few more mobile tv streaming users, with a little bit of buffering & decent scheduling.

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