AT&T: Arse. Find. Elbow. Can’t. Or why big telcos need a total revamp.

Guy Kawasaki has published a rather illuminating overview of his experience with AT&T customer services. All he wanted to do was cancel a service that he didn’t actually order.

Uh huh. You know the story already, don’t you? It’s the usual. If you’ve a few moments and want to read the cringe text along with Guy’s arse of an afternoon, click on!
Link: How to Change the World: My iPhone Review

There’s only one problem: I never ordered DSL, and I don’t want a Dumb Slow Line. How hard could it be to cancel a service that you never ordered? The back of the order said you can get help via an online chat system 24 x 7. Tally ho!

My response to Telcos and mobile operators offering this sort of silly service?

Just let me provision my own stuff, please. Stop putting people and stupid processes in the way.

By Ewan

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One reply on “AT&T: Arse. Find. Elbow. Can’t. Or why big telcos need a total revamp.”

Having the same problem with Carphone Warehouse and their broadband service, which we never asked for and which has never been connected. Still getting bills after trying to resolve this since January.

Crap customer service is endemic in the IT/Telecoms industry.

Maybe Ewan should have a monthly award for best and worst examples of customer service in the mobile world?


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