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Backward Canada: the proof?

Had this in earlier from our very own Krystal.

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So I went to the mall on my lunch, and after being thoroughly
disappointed with the selection at H&M today, I thought I’d poke my
head into Wireless Wave (generic phone type place, probably like
Phones 4 U?)

So I say to the guy (full well knowing the answer) after his pouncing
on me the minute I go in and saying “Can I help you miss?”

Me: “Yes, I’m looking for the Nokia N95, I saw a photo of it it looks very nice”

Man: “The what sorry?”

Me: “The Nokia N95, do you have any?”

Man: “Ummm I’m sorry miss, you must have the name wrong, there is no
such thing as a Nokia N95. Are you sure it wasn’t this, or this or
that you’ve got the name wrong?”

Me “Nope I’m sure.”

Man: “well that phone doesn’t exist”

oh boy… that was almost cruel of me wasn’t it?


– – –

Hilarious 🙂

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This certainly wasn’t cruel. I do the same thing from time to time. I love going to the store, looking for something (that I know exists) just to be told by Mr. Kia (that’s Mr. Know-It-All…KIA) that it does not exist. I hate the smart asses that think they know everything. Last year I bought Nokia N80 directly from Nokia store in Chicago for $650 (with tax). About two months later I was at the street event in Chicago and one of the local stores, Escape (which happened to be owned by Best Buy but now out of business) was selling the same phone for $800. I asked the guy how come it’s so expensive. His reply was “Because it’s a brand new phone and our store is the only place you can buy it from in Chicago…to which I replied.. I bought the same phone (which I pulled out of my pocket) for $650 from Nokia on Michigan Ave. His “I KNOW IT ALL” response was – YES..BUT IT’s SIM LOCKED AND OURS IS NOT. I looked at him and told him he’s wrong.. It’s unlocked, directly from Nokia and for $200 less. Now I’d say that was rude but it;s the idiots that try to push their lack of knowledge as legitimate truth are the rude ones.

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