Fring heading for Windows Mobile shortly

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Looks like folks from Fring are all set to release the Windows Mobile version of their VoIP-IM aggregation client.

I’m always surprised how many people readily use Fring — I don’t think it carries anywhere near it’s true reptuation. I know tons of people who swear by it… and, sadly, I know quite a few Windows Mobile users who, when their ridiculously bloated OS can spare the processor for a moment or two, will be delighted to get their hands on Fring.

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One reply on “Fring heading for Windows Mobile shortly”

As an S60 user I was all over Fring as soon as they announced there was going to be a 3rd edition version of it.

Unfortunately it is not what it’s cracked up to be.
I takes ages to load the contacts list from Skype, disconnects out of the blue and seems to use a lot of RAM; at least on my Nokia E61.

I had similar experiences with others like iSkoot or the Skype application provided by Three (which is just a re-branded iSkoot calling out via Threes network.)

Don’t get me wrong, it is great that Fring and iSkoot are putting a lot of effort and development in this (and I love Three for their X-Series) but I still find myself looking for an efficient and responsive IM/Voice service which tightly integrates into my phones contact list.

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