Get bank balances on your mobile with Geezeo

Alas US-only at the moment, but worth a blog post all the same. Geezeo is an application that makes it easy for anyone check their balances and available credit from their mobile phone. Once you’ve registered for the free service, you just text ‘geezeo update’ to 41411 – and a few seconds later you’ll get a text with updated balances of the accounts you’ve registered.

The service works with almost 6000 financial institutions, and is part of a much larger financial manager product that’s soon to be released. The biggest concern with something like this is security – and having your sensitive financial information floating around the ether. Geezeo have written a useful explanation of how the service works, and how they make sure your personal information is not misused or exposed.

Here in the UK finance company Egg have something sort of similar – ableit web-only – called Egg Money Manager. This too allows you to aggregate your credit card, bank account, loan account, etc information in one place. Maybe Geezeo should talk to Egg and sort out something similar for the UK?

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I just tried it but can’t get my accounts to log in through geezeo. I’m REALLY happy to see some companies push for this kind of service. My financial institution (AA Credit Union) dropped mobile banking website as they claimed that only 1% of its members was using it which i find hard to believe. Or if it’s true then they were not implementing it in the right way (through mobile website instead of using text messaging). Thumbs up to Geezeo

I just signed up and this service kicks ass! Nothing like getting that unpleasant surprise at the cash register when you forgot about an auto debit. Send a quick text before getting in line! Good job Geezeo!

Hey Guys, Thanks for the kind words and glad you guys are digging the service. More to come. Transactions, more types of accounts (investments). We’re rolling. Maciek, Sorry to hear about your account but I think I saw some correspondence on our support group so hopefully we’re taking care of you. feel free to email me if you have any follow up questions at pglyman[at]geezeo[dot]com.

There were a raft of apps that aggregated all of your FS accounts into a single page/dashboard back in the web 1.0 days until people realised that this was a direct breach of their banks T&Cs and as such meant you weren’t covered if you became the victim of fraud – could just have been a UK thing though, so all credit to Geezeo if they’ve managed to find a way around it and same with Egg…….

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