Have you seen the HTC Touch?

I actually got my hands on the HTC Touch at the weekend when I walked down to Tottenham Court Road to get myself a new Nokia.

Here it is in my hand:

I first spotted it because the guy in front of me was looking closely at buying it. I asked the chap if I could have a look at it. Geez it was small. Perfectly formed. I’ve never seen a Windows Mobile device like it.

Yes some of those Samsungs and Motorola Qs look smart, but the HTC Touch is something else.

I liked the look of it.

£300 though. But it IS gorgeous.

I only got a chance to look at the form factor though. I couldn’t switch it on. Not in the shop.

So I gave a muted glance to the ‘touch’ labelling and diagrams on the screen.

Then Lisa from HTC PR whacked me over the HTC Europe product site link. I don’t know why I hadn’t looked before.

Picture 27If you’ve got a spare few minutes, checkout the HTC Touch page and browse through the flash animation. Wow. It’s iPhone-esque. Although actually, the interface looks a lot better than the rudimentary iPhone gestures I’ve seen Steve Jobs demoing. You can ‘flick’ the menu around. You can flick up and down. Very swish. Really cool.

And it’s Windows Mobile 6.0.

Now. Is that good news or bad news? Good news, I reckon.

It’s not often you come across a Windows Mobile device that you’d actually like to have in your pocket. And one that would fit gorgeously in the pocket without confusing women.

By Ewan

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2 replies on “Have you seen the HTC Touch?”

I’m generally a bit of a WM fanboy, but I’ve had a chance to use the touch.

Apart from the very, very basic features illustrated on HTC’s site there is nothing iPhone like about the touch – its 2% iPhone copycat, 98% bog standard WM.

Saying that, the form factor is nice. The caveat is that the standard WM keyboard really needs the stylus to get any accuracy at all.

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