Man drowns fishing for mobile

Link: Man Drowns in Sewer Trying to Recover Dropped Mobile Phone

If you’ve ever dropped your car keys down a drain, you’ll know how annoying it is – and how frustrating that they’re ‘just within reach’ but you can’t quite get to them. But what would happen if you dropped your mobile down the drain – would you try to retrieve it?

Over in the US, a 41 year old man did just that. He tried to get his mobile phone back from a sewer using a rake, and when that didn’t work removed the cover and tried to reach in there himself. Unfortunately he managed to get stuck, and then promptly drowned.

Brett Gunn weighed more than 300 pounds and was trapped head-first. Local bystanders attempted to pull him back out, but with about a foot of water in the drain, the man had drowned by the time he was removed. Neighbor Chris Van Erem said it ultimately took six firefighters to pull the man from the sewer.

“It was just an everyday event that ended in tragedy,” Lt. James Veeser of the Sheboygan Police Department told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper.

Not quite sure that sticking your hand down a sewer to retrieve your mobile is an ‘everyday event’ (it certainly ain’t in these parts), although it is a rather tragic thing to happen. If you end up in the same situation, think twice before doing anything stupid.

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