Motorola unveil new Good messaging client

In the first major software update since the recent acquisition by Motorola of mobile email company Good, they’ve announced the forthcoming release of version 5 of Good Mobile Messaging.

The new version, due for roll-out in September, includes thread/sender filtering and sorting, mobile RSS reader, personalized notifications, an updated calendar application and the ability to attach files to email.

“The holy grail of mobile email lies somewhere between complete IT control and unencumbered usability; products that try to close that gap often compromise the mobile experience,” said Rick Osterloh, Senior Director Product Management and Marketing, Motorola Good Technology Group. “With Good 5, we’ve successfully bridged the divide by giving end users the usability and personalization they want, while arming IT with even more manageability and security.”

There’s also some security add-ons and upgrades aimed at the corporate IT administrator, including features previously only available through Good’s Mobile Defense product.

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