New Truphone adds 3G and SMS support

Link: Truphone enhances its presence | The Register

This one crept out quietly.. haven’t seen a press release, email announcement to current users, or in fact anyone else mentioning it. The story was tucked away halfway down the front page of Sci-Tech news site The Register.

Anyway, to cut to the chase: Truphone have just released a new beta of their Nokia VOIP client, which now adds two ‘most wanted’ features: 3G data support, and SMS. The new version also apparently has better address book integration, and the ability to see the current status of other Truphone users in your contacts (meeting, silent, etc).

Caveat emptor though: this *is* a beta release, and apparently there’s a couple of bugs in this version that should be squashed by the next release, so be careful when installing it to your phone. That said, I haven’t yet heard of a version of Truphone that pawns the cat and empties cornflakes all over your kitchen floor when installed, so you should be ok.

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