News is top choice for Danish mobile TV users

Link: News Programs are Most Popular Mobile TV Service

Some interesting research, courtesy of Denmark’s largest telco TDC. In the past six months, since they launched their mobile TV service in the country, they have found the biggest attraction is news, news and more news.

During the clearing of the Youth Center, there was a period with four times as many unique users accessing mobile TV as on ordinary days. Similarly, the press conference where Bjarne Riis admitted to doping abuse almost doubled the viewers for the channels showing the news.

There’s some more interesting stats: the average TDC user watches mobile TV for 9-10 minutes a day over an average of 2.7 accesses each day. They’re also a bunch of compulsive channel surfers – the average viewing time per channels is 3.5 minutes.

The research findings were echoed by Bruce Renny, ROK TV’s Marketing Director, who says: “We entirely support these findings. Our experience through operating on-demand mobile TV over 2.5G, 3G and Wi-Fi in 9 countries worldwide is that mobile TV is viewed in short bursts of between 3 and 5 minutes each visit and approximately half of all views of mobile TV are for live news and sports updates. The other half of all views are for music videos and comedy clips and other made-for-mobile content.”

Bruce also said something else, but I’ll come back to that in a later post as it’s quite an interesting statement.

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