Prisoner hides mobile charger up arse

Link: Lag caught with phone charger up jacksie | The Register

 A lag at Swaleside Prison on the Isle of Sheppey was caught with an entire phone charger up his jacksie after officers noticed his “discomfort” during a search of his cell, The Sun reports.

The appropriately-named Tony Pile, 22, serving a life stretch for “beating a man to death in a race hate attack in 2005”, was collared during a sweep aimed at cracking down on drug and phone smuggling into the Kent chokey.


One Prison Service source admitted: “We’ve known for some time that prisoners hide phones up there but this is a first.”

The source continued: “Pile had somehow managed to secrete the entire charger where the sun doesn’t shine. It just goes to show the lengths some inmates will go to stay in touch with the outside world while banged up.”

2 replies on “Prisoner hides mobile charger up arse”

Well, glad they got to the bottom of it. Did they charge him?

I hear the last person who tried putting a couple of mobiles up there wrecked ’em. (I had to sphincter ’bout that one for a moment).
Think he was trying to reach his 3G-spot? I bet that’s not the first Ericsson he’s had up there in prison. I’d imagine it would Nokia for six if you tried it.

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