Quoted in the Financial Times. Put your pinstripes on!

I had a chat to a wicked chap was doing a piece for the Financial Times the other week. So I was looking today to see if there was any reference in the FT.com online today. Not yet, however, I came across this piece that I didn’t see from way back in March.

[Update: So I was searching for the wrong keywords. It’s there today!]

Lovely Emily quoted my piece about Vodafone and Verizon. Have a look, I was pretty direct in it…

Link: FT.com / Services & tools / SearchFT.com / Services & tools / Search

The planned sale of Vodafone’s Japanese unit was taken more positively than the prospect of a Verizon sale at the mobile industry’s smstextnews.com website.

The Japan disposal was “fair enough. They screwed up. They couldn’t get it all to work there, so they’re selling up. But Verizon to buy out Vodafone? Ooooh dear. No wonder Sir Christopher Gent apparently proposed voting against the re-election of Arun Sarin.”

The site went on to suggest that Sarin was “supervising over a period of abject failure for Vodafone – ‘failure’ in the context of making billions and still being one of the biggest mobile companies in the world.”

  • Think I had a call from the same chap. He was very vague as to the focus of his piece.

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