Vodafone don’t like Hotxt or Tex2

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You’re doing well if you’re the founder of Hotxt or Tex2. How do you know you’re doing well? Because you’re being called out by Vodafone and promoted to readers of their data terms and conditions.

The text reads:

You can’t use your monthly web browsing allowance for Voice over IP services such as Skype and Peer to Peer services, including ICQ, Windows Messenger, Yahoo messenger, Hotext and Tex2.
These services are charged separately at £2 per MB with a minimum charge of 5p for each session.

Interestingly, they spelt Hotxt with an ‘e’.

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5 replies on “Vodafone don’t like Hotxt or Tex2”

This is totally naive of Vodafone, and I would have though Al Russell a lot smarter. Given the recent mobile internet screw-ups and now this, my respect is diminished significantly.

Can somebody explain what the difference is between the peer to peer messaging and a PUSH email (Like Blackberry)?? All networks are promoting PUSH email now on your mobile phone also!! Is PUSH email not messaging? Are enterprise solutions not messaging? How are they going to stop them?

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