Eden Project goes paperless with mobile tickets

From today The Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, will become even greener as it launches a mobile ticketing service – which it claims is the first-ever paperless ticketing system that uses mobile phones from start to finish. 

The organisation says that previously mobile ticketing involved a phone call or a visit to a website to make payment – however thanks to a three-way partnership between the project itself, Swiftpass and LUUP, the whole process can be carried out using just a mobile.

Jeff Berry, Managing Director at Swiftpass, welcomed the development as ‘an exciting step forward in ticketing technology”.  He said: ‘This is the first large scale implementation of mobile ticketing that incorporates payment and fulfilment through the handset in a very simple way. We have known there has been a missing link for some time, but that gap has now been filled thanks to the partnership with LUUP.”

Jon Curry, Eden’s Head of ICT, said: ‘This development builds on the good work on ticket fulfilment we did last summer with Swiftpass. Now using the LUUP payment system for the first time we are able to offer our customers, including those who are on holiday and probably have no access to our ticket website, a fully automated, paperless advanced ticketing system using nothing but their mobile phone.”  

‘As environmental issues continue to shift the public’s focus to living a less wasteful lifestyle, LUUP is proud to be part of this innovative partnership with The Eden Project and Swiftpass to make mobile ticketing easy, convenient and for the first-time truly mobile from start to finish,” said Christopher Lovold, UK Director for LUUP.

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Booking Flights and Hotels with ShopQwik has been totally paperless for over a year now…

Once the app is installed, you never need a paper ticket again.


Hi Mark,

I was a bit dubious about the claims on the press release, so made sure I attributed it to them in the article 🙂

Cheers Alex. 🙂

I think what the Eden project is doing is the way forward and good for them for introducing this service. I think that this will be main stream for everything from cinema tickets to train tickets and of course Flight tickets in the next year or two.

Less paper, less waste, less rubbish to pick up etc.

Its one of our goals to see people checking in with no paper tickets or printouts in their hands at all, just a mobile phone with all thats neccessary to travel.

People comment to us all the time just how liberating it is to be able to search, book and pay in seconds just using their phone , so I’m sure this will be a winner for the Eden project.


I have an Ericsson phone (P990) but I dont think it can handle Flashlite.

Does that mean I can’t use ShopQwik?

If so, that’s a shame because it looks quite handy =)

Hi Drshit,

Thank you for your interest. A flash player will be available for the 990 by the end of the year (maybe!) in which case we will have a version very shortly afterwards.

We actually have a version that work with the p900 but have never released it. Have a look again soon as we are adding a lot of new phones soon.

Kind Regards


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